Smoothies & Ice Treats Recipe Book

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This book from Back to Basics is for the smoothie lover in all of us. Authors Lindsay Barnes (nutritionist and smoothie lover) and Amy Shawgo (writer and mother of five) have teamed up to create a high-content, low-stress recipe book for smoothie lovers. With smoothie recipes for everyone from Athletes to children and categories ranging from meal replacements to special occasions, Lindsay and Amy have left no ice cube unturned. This smoothie guide offers tips to good health as well as recipes that are pure fun. It has 100 delicious recipes and nutritional facts to assist those in search of their own perfect smoothie. More than 400,000 copies sold! 105 pages.

Table of Contents
  • Tips to Making a Great Smoothie
  • Smoothies to Maintain & Repair the Body
  • Smoothie for Athletes
  • Smoothies for Stress Management
  • Smoothies for the Health Conscious
  • Smoothies for Women
  • Smoothies for Men
  • Smoothies for Kids
  • Make It a Meal Breakfast Smoothies
  • Make It a Meal Lunch Smoothies
  • Make It a Meal Dinner Smoothies
  • Smoothies for Special Occasions
  • Favorite Smoothies
  • Shaved Ice Favorites
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