Two favorite summer treats are Hawaiian shaved ice and snow cones.

My kids love to walk down to the shaved ice stand on a hot summer afternoon for an icy exotic flavored treat. When the county fair is in town, their first stop is always the snow cone stand. Half the fun seems to be having a brightly colored tongue after enjoying their snow cones. Now you can recreate these summer pleasures any time of the year, at home, with snow cone and Hawaiian shaved ice syrup made from our Rio brand concentrate.

The most basic shaved ice can be made by crushing ice in a blender, putting it in a bowl, and adding syrup. Making snow cones is just as easy.

See our Flavor Assortments page for the most popular syrup flavors for Hawaiian shaved ice and snow cones. Also check out the Flavor Combinations which can be made with basic flavors. With 50 flavors to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite.