Ice Pop Mold Cleaning Brush - Small

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Keep your family safe by thoroughly cleaning your frozen pop molds. Our Ice Pop Mold Cleaning Brush removes dirt, germs and bacteria for sanitary freezer pops. It gets in the hard to reach spaces on the inside of freezer pop molds for a thorough cleaning. This is a good tool that makes cleaning ice pop molds easy. The brush was originally designed for salt and pepper shakers and works well for any small narrow neck bottle.

  • $3.95
  • Plastic bristles
  • About 9 long and 1/2 diameter overall
  • Bristles are about 5 long and 1/2 diameter
  • At bottom, bristles are about 3/4 wide
  • Made in USA

    This brush fits all our freezer pop molds, but is best used for the 10 Pops, Fun Pops, and Sailboat molds. Use Ice Pop Mold Cleaning Brush - Large for our other frozen pop molds.

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