Disposable Hot Cup Lid 8 oz (50pcs)

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Biodegradable - Compostable – Disposable Hot Cup Lids
Show off your environmental good taste with our environmentally friendly hot cup lids. These unique hot beverage lids are made from compostable plastic made with cornstarch plastic known as Polylactide or PLA. Because the lids are made from a renewable resource, they are fully biodegradable and compostable for environmentally conscious users. Go green with disposable PLA lids, because your glassware should be as natural as the drink in it.

  • $2.95 each plus quantity discounts
  • Pack of 50 lids
  • Use only with 8 oz hot cup. Item HC8
  • About 3 1/8” diameter
  • White biodegradable corn starch plastic
  • Disposable - Biodegradable – Compostable
  • Click here for 8 oz cups.

    Save 10% when you buy 5 bulk packs (250pcs). That’s only $2.66 per pack.

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