Black Cow # 4
Ingredients Directions
Remove the frosty mugs from the freezer, and squirt a small amount of of Hersheys chocolate syrup in the bottom. Put a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream in the mug. Another squirt of chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream. Tilt the mug slightly to the side and pour the root beer in being careful to keep the foam/head to a minimum. Fill to about 3/4 of the way to the top. Use a spoon to scoop out any foam. Cover top with Reddi Whip. Sprinkle jimmies on whip cream and top with a cherry. Insert a flexi-straw and long teaspoon. Now the proper way to eat a black cow is to scoop out a little bit of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and root beer in every spoon, and then slurp up all the lovin' goodness left the bottom.