Soda Fountain Phosphate

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain Acid Phosphate ~ for use at home or in your commercial soda fountain.

Cherry Phosphate, anyone?

For over 50 years very few people were able to pose this question. Well now you can offer cherry or any other flavor phosphate soda to your family, friends and customers. This is thanks to the revival of Acid Phosphate as an ingredient for your home or commercial soda fountain.

Enterprising bar tender and chemist, Darcy O’Neil, has recreated the once extinct ingredient, Acid Phosphate, and you can get it here at Prairie Moon. After years of extensive research and experimentation, Mr. O’Neil has made it possible for us all to enjoy one of the most popular soda fountain drinks ever created.

The best part is you can make a “phosphate” at home. We have all the ingredients, ready to use syrup, or make your own syrup from our concentrate, acid phosphate, and seltzer bottles for making your carbonated water. That is all that is needed to enjoy this old fashioned soda fountain favorite.

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Fix The Pumps - A History of the Soda Fountain book
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