Shooting Star Freezer Pop Mold Hot Pink

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Make a cool summer treat even cooler and catch a shooting star with this star shaped frozen pop mold from Tovolo.

  • Each mold can be removed from the base separately, allowing you to enjoy your ice pop without melting the rest of them.
  • From start to finish our drip guards are designed to keep your hands clean and dry.
  • Use your ice pop molds for your favorite frozen treat. They are great with yougurt, ice cream, blended fruit or any type of juice.


  • Set of six sticks and molds with a custom mold stand
  • Drip Guards
  • Ability to remove one pop at a time
  • Each mold holds about 3 oz when full.
  • You will need 18 oz (2 1/4 cups) total for the 6 freezer pops.
  • Dimensions: 7.5" long x 5" wide x 8" high
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe

    Four Easy Steps to Your Favorite Frozen Fantasy:

  • Choose your ingredients- Our syrups, pureed fruit, fruit juices, ice cream, yogurt or sorbet.
  • Fill each mold with your favorite recipe, or mix it up and use different recipes for each pop. Leave about 1/2" of space at the top, your pop will expand as it freezes.
  • Put the molds into the decorative base and pop them into the freezer and try to keep your hands off them for about 4 hours (or until they are frozen enough to eat).
  • Un-mold each pop by gently squeezing the sides as you pull on the stick, if you cant get the pop to budge run it under warm water for about 5 seconds and then try again.
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