Leland Cream Chargers (box of 10)

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Each clean zinc plated 8 gram cartridge contains pure triple filtered food grade N2O for whipping cream. Recommended for all Leland cream whippers. One charger will charge 1/2 pint and 1 pint whippers. Two chargers are needed for 1 quart whippers. Can be used with other screw on type whipper models as well. Chargers will go fast so buy some extras.

Caution: N2O chargers are to be used according to instructions and for food consumption only. Do not inhale contents. Misuse can be physically dangerous and harmful to your health. N2O is not for sale to minors under the age of 18.

Please note: Any of these items that contain N2O can only be shipped UPS Ground or UPS Standard to Canada.
NO Air shipping. NO Post Office shipping.

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