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As the name implies, Innovations Multiflate performs a multitude of tasks. Thread in the supplied blower straw when you need pin-point accuracy and a controllable blast of air to remove dust from small areas, keyboards or optic surfaces. Screw in the supplied inflation needle and fill up or top off your sports balls. Bicycle has a flat? No hand pump? No problem. Repair the flat and fill it up with CO2 from the Multiflate!


  • Inflate bicycle, ATV and other small tires
  • Fill up or top off sports balls
  • Dust electronics, optic surfaces, and other small areas
  • Convenient, easy & fast!
  • Small & Compact
  • About 4 3/4" long


  • Straw blower for dusting
  • Ball needle adaptor
  • Two 12 gram non-threaded CO2 chargers

    Compatible CO2 Cylinders:

  • 12 g non-threaded
  • 12 g threaded - screws directly into head, charger holder is not used
  • 16 g threaded - screws directly into head, cartridge holder is not used
  • 25 g threaded - screws directly into head, cylinder holder is not used

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