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Flavor Descriptions

What do our flavors taste like? See the list of flavors and descriptions below.

Use in cocktails, coffees, frozen drinks, iced teas, iced beverages, lemonades, milk shakes, non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, sodas, or teas to get the essence of the flavor in your beverage.

Almond – sweet almond flavor
Amaretto – non-alcoholic sweet almond liquor with a slight hint of apricots
Apricot – ripe, fresh apricot
Apple > see Green Apple & Red Apple
Banana – ripe yellow bananas
Black Cherry – fresh black cherries
Black Licorice – old time black licorice candy
Blackberry – ripe blackberries
Blue Raspberry – sweet raspberries, blue color
Blueberry –fresh sweet blueberries
Bubblegum > see Pink Bubblegum
Boysenberry – similar to a mix of blackberry, raspberry & loganberry, maroon color
Butterscotch – hard butterscotch candies
Cantaloupe – slice of ripe cantaloupe melon, pale orange color
Caramel – buttery toasted sugar with a touch of vanilla
Cherry – fresh picked sweet cherries, best for Cherry Cola’s
Cherry Cola – traditional cherry cola fountain flavor, not like Cherry Coke, or Cherry Pepsi
Chocolate – pure and simple chocolate flavor
Chocolate Cola – traditional cola with a rich chocolate flavor like made at the soda fountain
Chocolate Malted – rich chocolate and malted milk
Chocolate Mint – rich chocolate with a hint of mint flavor
Chocolate Raspberry – rich chocolate with a hint of ripe raspberries
Cinnamon – medium cinnamon flavor, not too hot
Coconut – creamy, sweet, smooth ripe coconuts
Coffee – fresh cup of coffee
Cola – traditional cola flavor, not like Coke or Pepsi, our best seller
Cotton Candy – fluffy spun cotton candy, blue color
Cranberry – cranberry juice cocktail, slightly tart
Cream Soda – creamy vanilla flavor, red color
Creme de Menthe – peppermint flavor but milder and creamier
Doctor RIO – compare to Dr. Pepper®**
Fuzzy Navel – peach and orange combination
Fuzzy Peach – our regular peach flavor, like a fresh juicy peach
Ginger Ale – the flavor of fresh ground ginger root
Grape – bold grape flavor like grape jelly
Grapefruit > see Ruby Red Grapefruit
Green Apple – tart green apple flavor
Guava – tropical guava fruit
Hazelnut - fresh hazelnuts
Honey Dew Melon – ripe honeydew flavor, very pale green color
Irish Crème – coffee with hints of creamy vanilla, nut and chocolate, non-alcoholic
Jamaican Cola – traditional cola with a hint of cinnamon
Kahlua – sweet blend of sugarcane and coffee
Key Lime Pie – piece of key lime pie
Kiwi – freshly picked kiwi fruit
Lemon – fresh lemon flavor
Lemon Drop (Lemonade) – cup of fresh sweet lemonade; more tart than our Lemon flavor
Lemon Lime – lemon and lime combination
Licorice > see Black Licorice
Lime – traditional citrus lime flavor
Lime Cola –cola & lime combination
Mango – sweet ripe tropical mangos
Maraschino Cherry – maraschino cherry right out of the jar
Margarita – non-alcoholic sweet and sour margarita flavor
Marshmallow – creamy vanilla marshmallow flavor
Melon > see Cantaloupe & Honey Dew
Mountain Mist – compare to Mountain Dew® **
Orange – fresh picked juicy orange
Orange Dream – orange and vanilla, like a dreamsicle or creamsicle
Orange Pineapple – mix of orange and pineapple
Papaya – fresh papaya fruit
Pear – fresh, ripe, sweet pears
Peach > see Fuzzy Peach
Peppermint – the flavor of peppermint
Pina Colada – non-alcoholic creamy coconut and pineapple
Pineapple – sweet ripe pineapple
Pink Bubblegum – traditional bubblegum flavor, pink color
Pink Lemon Sour (pink lemonade) – pure lemon combined with a tart flavor & pink color
Pomegranate – fresh pomegranate, tart & sweet at the same time, red color
Raspberry, Blue > see Blue Raspberry
Raspberry, Red > see Red Raspberry
Red Apple – delicious fresh red apple, sweet apple flavor
Red Raspberry – ripe red raspberries without the seeds
Root Beer – robust root beer flavor
Ruby Red Grapefruit – fresh grapefruit, tart citrus flavor, pale pink color
Sarsaparilla – similar to root beer, but richer
Sour Cherry – sweet cherries with a sour tartness
Sour Grape - sweet grapes with a sour kick
Strawberry – fresh picked strawberries
Strawberry Banana – fresh strawberries and ripe bananas
Strawberry Daiquiri – non-alcoholic strawberry and pineapple combination
Tangerine – a slightly tart mandarin orange flavor
Tigers Blood – strawberries and coconut combo
Tropical Punch – blend of fresh tropical fruits
Vanilla – rich flavor of vanilla beans
Vanilla Cola – traditional cola & vanilla flavor still made at the soda fountain
Watermelon – ripe red watermelon
Wedding Cake – piece of white wedding cake with vanilla icing

** Mountain Dew® is a registered trademark of PepsiCo, Inc. These items are not affiliated with or sponsored by PepsiCo.

** Dr. Pepper® is a registered trademark of Dr Pepper/ Seven Up, Inc. These items are not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr Pepper/ Seven Up.