Eraser Refills (2 Erasers)

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Specially formulated vinyl eraser is non-abrasive, measures 4” and is used for refilling the LabelOnce™ Ink Eraser included in all of our Erasable Syrup Bottle Label Starter Kits. Cleanly erases permanent ink from the surface of LabelOnce products and other nonporous items.

Removes permanent marker ink cleanly from LabelOnce labels as often as needed. Also effective as a cleanup tool for surfaces such as glass, whiteboards, some enamel painted surfaces and others marred with permanent markers including most color markers.

Comes with:

  • 2 replacement erasers, 4” each
    Does not include eraser holders.

    Replacements for:

  • Erasable Syrup Bottle Labels Starter Kit - Assorted
  • Erasable Syrup Bottle Labels Starter Kit - Large
  • Erasable Syrup Bottle Labels Starter Kit - Standard
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