Disposable Bagasse Bowl 16oz (125pcs)

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Biodegradable - Compostable - Disposable Sundae Bowl
When hungry for ice cream, these biodegradable bowls are the smart and easy choice. These bowls are also fully heat tolerant, capable of containing boiling water up to 212F. Bagasse bowls are perfect for preparation and preservation as well because they are microwave and freezer safe. There is no wax or plastic lining to contaminate these purely organic products either, so you can feel comfortable using a home composting system. Because Bagasse is a natural by-product and it is derived from a renewable resource, there really is no reason not to go organic and choose something that reduces pollution and saves the environment. Read more about Bagasse here.

  • Pack of 125 bowls
  • Use with cold or hot treats
  • About 6 1/2" top diameter
  • About 3 3/4" bottom diameter
  • About 2" deep
  • Clear biodegradable cornstarch plastic lining
  • Compostable paper
  • Disposable - Biodegradable - Compostable

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