Bottoms Up - Unique Shot Glasses

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Each glass in this set is helpfully labeled “drink” so you know which side to fill. Knock it back and flip it over, and you get a similar-looking, though decidedly different message. There’s a name for this sort of typographic magic—“ambigram”— a lettering design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the same set of curves. Our curves have a third meaning as well: Hand over those car keys, buddy! We’ve packed two over-sized Bottoms Up 4-ounce shot glasses in each colorful gift box.

  • Set of 2
  • About 2 3/4” tall
  • About 1 7/8” wide at base
  • About 2 1/8" wide at top
  • Each glass holds about 3 ounces
  • Wash thoroughly before first use
  • Hand wash only
  • Warning: Do not use abrasive cleaners
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