About Us

My favorite drinks are soda fountain colas. Cherry coke, vanilla coke, chocolate coke, I love them all. As a kid, my friends and I would order cherry cokes whenever we had some spare change. We also liked the flavored cokes because they were one of the cheaper drinks we could order. Cash was always in short supply at that age. If I was really flush, I’d get a strawberry soda which had ice cream in it.

My regular hangout was a soda fountain in the local Rexall Drug store in my hometown. Unfortunately, the drug store and the soda fountain are long gone. As the hometown soda fountain died out it was harder and harder to satisfy my yearning for a good flavored coke. I would occasionally have one at the odd restaurant that still offered this treat from my youth. However, this was few and far between. I also kept an eye out for fountain syrup in retail stores, but never came across any.

Eventually the internet age arrived. I have to admit that I wasn’t one of the first to inspect this new medium. When I did give it a try, one of my first searches was for soda fountain syrup. It took some looking, but I was finally able to find and purchase cherry syrup. I thought I was in heaven the day I made my first cherry coke right in my own kitchen. It was every bit as good as I remembered.

As I purchased more flavors and did some experimentation, I was amazed to discover the number of uses for beverage syrup. Almost any drink you can think of can be made or enhanced with flavored syrup. I believe we covered most of them in this web site.

There are other sites selling syrup but most are targeted to wholesale customers. My goal for Prairie Moon is to make those delicious flavors I remember easily available to individuals and families. And so Prairie Moon Beverage Syrup was born. I hope our explanation of uses, selection of flavors, assortments, and accessories help you and your family enjoy these wonderful creations as much as my family has.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions for our site and products. Thanks for visiting.

Dan Stieb
Email: help (at) prairiemoon (dot) biz