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Soda made at home is fun, itís easy, and no brewing or bottling is needed.
After you make the syrup from our Rio brand concentrate you're ready to go. Where else can you get kiwi or pina colada soda? Or any other flavor you desire? The answer is right here! Why be limited to the soda flavors you find at the grocery store? For a carbonated drink with plenty of flavor, make your own exotic soda pop at home with soda syrup from Prairie Moon.

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The easiest way to make your own homemade soda pop is with our soda syrup and store bought seltzer, club soda, or carbonated water. They are all basically the same. By the Glass: Put 2 oz of the flavored syrup of your choice in a glass and fill with 10 oz of seltzer and add ice. Thatís all there is to it. By the Quart: Use about 27 oz seltzer and 5 1/2 oz syrup in your quart (liter) bottle. Adjust the amount of syrup to suite your taste.

Mix and match the flavors and let your imagination go wild. (Caution: more than 3 flavors mixed together is not recommended as the taste becomes dull.)

The second option for making home made soda is to use a seltzer bottle to make your own seltzer water at home. The kids will love making their own soda with a real seltzer bottle. Pour the syrup in a glass, fill the glass from your seltzer bottle, stir and add ice. Youíve just made real gourmet soda. Use any plain tap or bottled water to make the seltzer. The seltzer bottle comes complete with instructions. One charger makes one bottle of seltzer water so we suggest buying a box of chargers when you order your seltzer bottle to save on the shipping.

Try our flavor assortments for extra savings. We have enough flavors that Iím sure we have your favorite as well.

Old Fashioned Homemade Soda
If you prefer soda made the old fashioned way, bottled and carbonated with yeast, click here.

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