<B><font color="#CC9E00">Banana Split Recipe # 1</font></B><BR>


<LI>1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

<LI>1/2 cup chocolate ice cream

<LI>1/2 cup strawberry ice cream

<LI>1 large banana

<LI>2 tablespoons chocolate syrup (or Hot Fudge)

<LI>2 tablespoons strawberry ice cream topping (or fresh strawberries)

<LI>2 tablespoons crushed pineapple

<LI>2 tablespoons walnut ice cream topping

<LI><A HREF="creamwhippers.html">whipped cream</A>



Line up ice cream scoops next to each other in an <A HREF="baspdibo.html"> oval deep dish or a banana boat. </A> Cut the ends of the banana off (about 1/4 inch). Slice in half longways. Pop each half of the banana out of the peel onto each side of the ice cream row, pressing down and in a little so it'll stay put. Top the vanilla ice cream with the pineapple, the chocolate with the chocolate syrup and the strawberry with the strawberry sauce. Spoon the wet walnuts over all three scoops of ice cream. Top each scoop with some <A HREF="creamwhippers.html">whipped cream</A> and a cherry for each. <br><FONT SIZE=2><A HREF="#TOP">Return to top of page.</A></FONT>