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Customer Recommended Mixing Directions

Scroll down for SodaStream specific recipes.

The following mixing directions were provided by customers who have actually used our concentrates and syrups. Thank you to everyone who provided a recipe. I’m sure the rest of us can benefit from your experience and generosity.

We believe the recipes were provided in good faith and we list them here in the same spirit. The recipes appear reasonable, but we may not have tried them all. It is up to the reader to determine if a recipe is suitable for them.

If you would like to add your unique mixing directions or use, please email us the information at All of us at Prairie Moon hope we have helped a little in “making your family’s favorite drinks at home”. PM

How To Make A Soda by the Glass from Concentrate
Kurt from AZ recommends:
I use about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of concentrate (various flavors) & 1-3 teaspoons of sugar in 20oz of water to make a soda.

  • 1 – 3 tsp sugar
  • 20 oz water
  • ½ - 1 tsp concentrate
    Makes a 20 oz soda

    How To Make Soda In A 5 Gallon Soda Keg (corny keg) #1 *from concentrate
    Ted from WI recommends:
    I used the root beer in a 5 gal soda keg and mixed it in the keg. It came out excellent and the kids like it. I modified the mixing instructions. I put 2 gal warm water in keg, added 6 lbs sugar and one 4 oz bottle of concentrate flavor, sealed the keg and rolled/shook it to dissolve sugar, then topped up to 5 gallons and sealed up keg then put in my keg-orator and force carbonated at 15 lbs for a week. Worked great.

    How To Make Soda in a 5 Gallon Soda Keg (corny keg) #2 *from concentrate
    Dan from IL recommends:
    The easiest mixing for your 5 gallon tank would be:
    4 oz concentrate, 5 lbs sugar, dissolve with enough water to make 1 gallon, add to tank, add 4 gallons water, mix and you are done. This would be a 1:4 ratio which is stronger (more flavor) than the normal 1:5 ratio of syrup to water.
    The exact mixing for a 1:5 ratio in a 5 gallon tank is:

  • 3 oz + 1 tablespoon concentrate
  • 4.2 lbs sugar (4.2 lbs = aprox. 8 1/3 cups sugar)
    Dissolve sugar and concentrate with enough water to equal 1 gallon. Add the 1 gallon syrup and 4 gallons water to your tank.
    I would recommend you try a smaller amount to start to see whether you like the 1:5 mix. This is the same as 2 oz syrup plus 10 oz water for a 12 oz soda.

    How To Make Your Soda Taste Like Store-Bought
    Lorianne recommends:
    I stumbled onto this recipe that makes the syrups taste more like what is bought in the store.
    For a 32 ox bottle of syrup:
    Mix in pan:

  • 2 ½ cup regular sugar
  • 1/2 cup artificial sweetener (I used Splenda)
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Cream of Tartar
  • 3 cup water
    Heat this mixture until it turns clear. Pull it off the heat and let cool. Add one ounce of concentrate (I used cola) and fill the bottle with rest of mix. 2 oz of syrup to 10 oz of carbonated water in a glass will pull off an almost store-bought soda. Give it a try. We did the cola and it came out almost like Pepsi. We then added Cherry extract to it and turned it into something like Cherry Coke.

    How To Make Syrup From Concentrate Using Sugar
    Tracey from PA recommends:
    I started with the Soda Stream system and quickly discovered the flavors that company offers were VERY expensive (and not very good). I use a slightly different recipe. 2.25 cups ea sugar & water & 1.5 Tbs. concentrate. This makes approximately 1 liter of syrup and is excellent. This is easier to remember and stretches the concentrate supply slightly. I think I get 1 extra liter of syrup out of a 4oz bottle of concentrate this way.

  • 2 ¼ c sugar
  • 2 ¼ c water
  • 1 ½ Tbs concentrate
    Makes 1 liter (about a quart) of syrup

    How To Make Syrup From Concentrate Using Stevia
    Jeff B. recommends:

    Make The Syrup:

    Before You Begin
    • Stevia in the Raw (bulk) produces the best flavor. Do not use stevia / erythritol mixtures as the erythritol tends to separate out of the solution after a very short time period. If you cannot get Stevia in the Raw (bulk), use the purest version of Stevia(Rebina) you can find and be prepared to open around 100 (+/-) of those little packets.
    • Use purified or filtered water, do not use unfiltered tap water.
    • 8-cup measuring cup
    • Small wire whisk (Stevia has a tendency to stick to side of cup, the whisk helps to scape it off and mix it completely)
    • Quart size bottle for storage (Check out our mixing bottles)
    • 1 Bottle (4oz) Rio Concentrate
    • 1 Bag (9.7 oz) Stevia in the Raw
    • 12 oz hot water
    • 2 oz Madhava Agave Nectar Light*
      *This is optional. It is the easiest way to adjust the sweetness to suit one's taste. Agave has a low glycemic index and adding 0.15 oz (5 calories) per quart does not change the numbers that much. I like it with and without the agave. I started adding a little agave after experimenting with making chocolate syrup. I found that the chocolate syrup was best using both agave and stevia, so I tried a little bit of the agave in the cola syrup and liked the result.
      1. Put stevia in a big measuring cup and whisk in hot water.
      2. Whisk in the Agave Nectar.
      3. Let cool (Whisk as needed if the stevia is not completely dissolved).
      4. Whisk in Rio Concentrate.
      5. Pour mixing bottle and store in refrigerator.

    Make The Soda:

    Recipe makes around 30 oz, which will yield syrup for around 15 quarts of soda.
    2 oz syrup + 30 oz seltzer = 1 quart of soda

    • 2 oz measuring cup with pour spout
    • 32 oz bottle (Check out our mixing bottles)
    • 32 oz cold water or store bought carbonated water
    • 2 oz Homemade Syrup
      1. Carbonate 32 oz of COLD water. (Not necessary if using store bought)
      2. Tilt bottle with opening over sink and slowly add the homemade cola syrup. (Tilting the bottle will prevent foam from running out the opening most of the time, the sink will catch it the rest of the time.)
      3. Quickly seal bottle and shake gently until combined.


    How to Make 16 oz (1/2 liter) Soda from Sweetener and Concentrate:
    John from IL recommends:
    Really, really good stuff. I bought these for my SodaStream machine and they work beautifully. About 25 drops of concentrate and 3 packets of sweetener in a 16 oz bottle works really well. A couple months ago, I bought a 5 gallon ‘bag in a box’ full of syrup. It cost $45. But Prairie Moon syrup is much better and cheaper. Plus you can prepare your syrup to taste. As soon as I use up the 5 gal, I will be using Prairie Moon exclusively.

    How to Make Soda Stream Syrup with Liquid Sucralose: *Syrup has same concentration as SodaStream*
    Carrie recommends:
    1 oz liquid sucralose + 3 oz Rio concentrate + enough water to equal the 16.9 fl oz SodaStream concentrate bottle (about 12.9 oz water)
    That is the exact ratio I use, and the thing about mixing at the same concentration as the SodaStream is that it makes it super easy to use concentrates to make soda. I just use the fill lines on the SodaStream concentrate bottle – there is a line for a 1/2 liter and 1 liter bottle – and I just make my sodas in their bottles.
    I purchase my liquid sucralose from, and I get the EZ-Sweetz brand that is sold in 2 oz bottles (labeled as containing 800 servings). FYI, the powdered Splenda/sucralose has additives (and calories) that the liquid version doesn’t. The tiny bit of aftertaste that some people experience with powdered Splenda/sucralose is not a problem when using the liquid form. I love it!

    Prairie Moon Concentrates for Soda Stream
    Gerry from TX recommends:
    These flavors are great. I use 3 cups of Spiriva sweetener to 20oz of water. Makes a zero calorie drink. I carbonate the black top (large) bottle using the soda stream maker and 1 1/2oz to 2oz of syrup mixture to make a great tasting drink.

    Works well for Sodastream
    Kent from MI recommends:
    The 4 oz syrup concentrates work quite well for Sodastream syrup when mixed with 20 oz water, 6 1/2 tbsp Stevita Stevia Supreme, 2 oz agave syrup & 5 oz liquid caffeine for your Cola & Mountain Mist. Makes 1 qt syrup that when 2 oz of this syrup is added to 1 qt carbonated water it produces a nice caffeinated low cal soda. I will order more.

    Cola Syrup for Sodastream
    Wayne from IL recommends:
    I have a SodaStream and was looking for an alternative to their expensive and discontinued syrups. I bought the Rio Cola. After trying a few mixing recipes, I found a way to make a cola syrup that measures the same as a SodaStream 14.8 oz bottle. First, I dissolve 1 1/3 cup sugar in 5 oz of water in a small sauce pan over low heat and let cool. Add water to make 13 oz. Pour into SodaStream bottle. Add 5 ml of liquid Sucralose and 2 oz of the cola concentrate. I like this recipe so much that I bought a gallon of cola concentrate.